Ohio Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversions

Most seniors don’t need a costly bathroom remodel to replace their existing tub with an accessible walk in shower.

NE Ohio seniors who’ve delayed a bathroom remodel to replace their existing tub with an accessible step / walk in shower because of the expense now have a low cost option. Whether disabled by a handicap, arthritis or just the nuances of aging in place, our patented tub to shower conversion process can provide safe step-in access mobility to the shower already in most of the bathtubs of our elderly Ohioans.

Rather than replace or change out the current bathtub for a shower stall, we cut an opening into the side of the existing tub transforming it into an accessible walk-in shower. Whether the tub is cast iron ("porcelain") or fiberglass, our tubcut process reduces the tub’s entry step to about 5-7 inches high, producing safe handicap access. Once the cut out is removed, the opening is then capped with a custom fitted acrylic insert for safe and easy step in accessibility. And since we leave a 2-3 inch lip on the inside wall of the tub, water from the shower's spray is easily contained inside when the walk-in opening is covered with a shower curtain liner. (For more details click on: Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversion Process.)

Because we utilize your existing bathtub using a tub cut, our walk-in shower conversion minimizes the cost of materials and labor generally incurred by a traditional bathtub to shower tear-out, replacement or remodel. These cost savings have NE Ohio seniors realizing 80-90% savings over the cost that national remodelers such as Bath Fitter®  might charge. For more information on our costs, go to our tab: Cost of Tub to Shower Conversion. To learn about our inserts with a door (which retain the tub’s bathing functionality), see: Walk thru Bathtubs.

Advantages of our Tub to Walk-in / Step in Shower Conversion

Tub to Shower Conversion

Safer access to your existing tub

  • Converting your bathtub into a step/ walk in elderly shower can save you 80-90% on remodeling costs. For more info: Cost of Tub to Shower Conversion.
  • Resulting step-in conversion heights are 5-7 inches high. To learn how high your step in will be, click on: How High Will My Step in Be?
  • Transforming your existing tub to an accessible shower is accomplished in one day, minimizing your inconvenience; moreover, we leave your bathroom as clean as (or cleaner) than we found it.
  • Showering for those with a handicap or disability such as Parkinson’s and MS can be more accessible when using our insert with a transfer bench. Click on: Photo Gallery
  • Changing most bathtubs, including cast conversions is possible.  (For more details, click on: Can You Convert Cast Iron Bathtubs?)
  • Reversing a walk in disability shower back to a bathing tub is possible on most steel and cast iron tubs. See FAQ’s: Is a Tub to Shower Conversion Process Reversible?
  • Providing safer showering for aging in place seniors yields peace of mind for their caregivers and loved ones.
  • Subcontracting? No way! You deal with the owner throughout the entire process, avoiding those "he said / she said" situations.
  • Our step in / walk-thru installations carry a five year guarantee on insert and one year on labor (ask for details).
  • We guarantee the highest quality tub to shower conversion installation for the lowest cost (check us out on Angie’s List™ or ask for details).

NE Ohio Tub to Shower & Walk Thru Bathtub Conversion Service Area

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